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Welcome to the MTG Cardsmith Wiki!

This wiki, started by MTG Cardsmith Member Tommia, offers a place for fellow smiths to explore the lore of custom sets, showcase custom Magic: the Gathering cards and mechanics, and overall take in the glory that is MTG Cardsmith!

About the Wiki

One day, Tommia was browsing around the MTGC forums, looking through some of the set lore. However, he noticed something bad about how set pages worked on MTG Cardsmith: Info walls, lots of scrolling, no organization, everything on one page, limited edits... you name it, it had it. In response, Tommia made this wiki as a place for people to easily showcase custom Magic: the Gathering sets, create a sort of encyclopedia of custom characters, locations, and lore, and overall enjoy the custom card fandom!

Ready to Start?

You're probably rearing to start editing away, making pages for your sets, characters, lore, and even yourself! But hold on! First, if you don't know what MTG Cardsmith, or even Magic: The Gathering, is, you should check them out! Second, you should get familiar with how Wikia works. Third, you should read the following pages:

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