Hello! My name is Joseph, and I will be your guide through these basic MTGC Themed Wikia tutorials! Make sure to strap yourself in and grab your favorite drink, because this could take anywhere from a few minutes to a long, long time. If you need help, ask! But before you even start, let's go over the basics.

Starting your first page

Before you can start making your first page, you actually have to create it! Click on "Contribute" in the upper right corner, then click "Add a Page".


Pro Tip: Right click "Add a Page" and open it in a new tab and you'll be dropped into the source editor. WARNING! ONLY USE SOURCE EDITOR IF YOU CAN CODE HTML! You can also access it from the main editor, but enough about that!

At this point, you will be greeted by a dialogue telling you to name the new page. Since the next tutorial is about how to make a Cardsmith page, go ahead and name your page based on your Cardsmith username! If your cardsmith username is shared with the name of a custom set, character, plane, item, etc. put Cardsmith beside it in parenthesis (i.e.: Tommia (Cardsmith))

Once you've named your new page, click okay, and you'll be dropped right into the editor! But wait... it's empty!


Don't fret! Let's go over the tools, from left to right and top to bottom!

The little arrow facing left is the "undo" button. Made a big mistake? Undo it! You can also press Z while holding Ctrl to undo (Pro Tip: Ctrl + Z is accepted as a universal undo command in all software that supports it).

Onto the dropdown menu! This handy tool selects format mode! Normally it's set to paragraph, but click it and you can change format! Here's the different formats and what they're used for!

  • Paragraph: Use this to type basic text
  • Heading: This allows you to make the start of a new section!
  • Sub-headings 1 - 4: Headings for sub sections, in progressing order.
  • Block quote: Used for... well... quotes!
  • Preformatted: On this wiki, this is strictly used for disambiguation. You'll see about that later!

Next, you have bold text! Press the button and start typing to make bold text! Pro Tips: Selecting an area of text then clicking the button will make the highlighted text bold, or do the exact opposite if all of the selected text is bold. Also, Ctrl + B works too!

Let's talk italics! It works the same, except it makes italics! Pro Tip: Ctrl + I can also be used!

Now, links! Select a piece of text, then click this handy little button, and then you can set a page or URL to link to! The link will allow you to go to the linked article when you click the text! Pro Tips: Ctrl + K can be used to access this! Also, you don't need to highlight text! If for some reason, you fancy typing in the link, then having the tool spit out text, then go right ahead!

Next, more formatting! You can create Superscripts, Subscripts, strikethroughs, and underlines! There's even key shortcuts if you want em!

Want to add a video? Go ahead! You can use a video uploaded to Wikia, a video on YouTube, or a stock video!

How about pictures? Go ahead and upload one, or if it suits you, enter the name of an image we have, or a stock image!

Oh look! Galleries! These let you display, well, a gallery of photos! Not that we'll really need it here...

These should look familiar. With these you can create

  • Unordered
  • Lists


  1. Ordered
  2. Lists!

See the little bar with tabs? Those are extra settings! They let you adjust options, control categories for the page, get help, see those lovely keyboard shortcuts, or switch to source mode!

The insert tab is pretty self explanatory, but I'll tell you the basics. You can add references to other pages you got information from, as well as add a reference list to say what the page was. You can also add templates and infoboxes, and even tables!

Phew! Now that that's over with, you should start making you Cardsmith page by reading the tutorial on Making a Page for a Cardsmith!

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