This page is for the MTG Cardsmith Member Tommia.  For the plane, check out the page for Tommia (Plane).  For the block, check out the page for Tommia (Block).  For the character in the Tommia set, check out the page for Spirit of Tommia.

Tommia, also known on MTG Cardsmith by his name Joseph Bigham (or just "Joseph"), is a cardsmith who makes serious cards, attempting to become a better cardsmith and make the set of his dreams. Though he creates the bulk of his sets, he often hosts contests and challenges, refining some of the best cards entered and adding them to his sets.

Alongside all this, Tommia also writes set lore, attempting to create living, breathing sets. In fact, a large portion of his lore is focused around five major blocks (Hyperbase, Earthrealm, Tommia, Ephemera, Fall of Smiths), all involving Joseph himself.

Personal Showcase

This smith will add their showcase soon.

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