This page is for the Plane of Tommia.  For the cardsmith, check out the page for Tommia (Plane).  For the block, check out the page for Tommia (Block).  For the character in the Tommia set, check out the page for Spirit of Tommia.

Tommia is a plane created out of the remains of the Hyperbase and the hopes and dreams of its ruler, Joseph. Instead of being a space station among an array of stars, it became a planet comparable to Earth. However, due to Joseph's fears of its destruction, it was born as a wasteland on the brink of apocalypse. Remnants of the Hyperbase can be found on it.


Tommia is quite diverse in its environments, ranging from the frozen thick of the Illusive Forest to the raging heat of the Maenha Desert. However, it mainly consists of mountains, destroyed cities, and barren landscapes, and the temperature in most areas is around 75o Fahrenheit.

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